Kley Kafe


Perseverance, creativity, authenticity and perfection are the qualities that best define this young autodidact who has secured his career as a Hair & Make Up Artist working in UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, US, France, Belgium, Ireland, Morocco, Greece and now in Madrid, Spain; the city where he has lived since 2004.

In his profession, he constantly seeks sources of inspiration: His life, people he met, the art pieces he likes to admire. His job is magic, because it allows him to meet people from very different places and express his creativity in thousands of ways. One of the most exciting moments at work is watching how people react to Hair & Make up. "It's amazing to watch the reaction that our work can cause" he says.

Every time he faces a new challenge he realises he loves to form part of a team. He is a very communicative man, who has a knack to create a good atmosphere and get-together with the other artists he works with. This leads to perfect results both in fashion editorials and on catwalks, advertising and catalogs, where he develops his professional work.